Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2011 NCAA Bracket

Okay, the time has come to put my picks for this years tournament out to the public.  I am not talking about the made up tournaments that some radio stations and hosts have come up with, i.e. The Best Rock Bands, or The Best Video Games.  I am also not talking about the guy that sits three cubicles away from you at work that came up with the Hottest Girls In The Office Bracket (Pig!).  Finally I am not talking about the girls in the office that came up with the Hottest Celebrity Stories Bracket.  No, I am talking about the 2011 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.

Some of my friends will fill out twenty or so brackets in the hopes of winning some money.  I am of he school of thought that you fill out one bracket and hand it in to all of your pools.  Either way it doesn't matter because everyone knows the girl in the office that asks "March Madness...what's that?" will win the cash.  So even if you sit and study, watching hours of bracketology on TV and on line, or if you choose based on team names and colors, it still ends in one of the most exciting times of year; win or lose it's all for fun in my eyes. 

Since I am not technologically savy enough to be able to place a bracket inside my blog, I will have to go old school and list my picks...bear with me.

First Round: East:

Ohio State vs UTSA / Alabama St.:  Pick - Ohio state
George Mason vs Villanova: Pick - Villanova
West Virginia vs Clemson: Pick - West Virginia
Kentucky vs Princeton: Pick - Kentucky
Xavier vs Marquette: Pick - Marquette
Syracuse vs Indiana State: Pick - Syracuse
Washington vs Georgia: Pick - Washington
UNC vs Long Island: Pick - UNC


Duke vs Hampton : Pick - Duke
Michigan vs Tennessee: Pick - Michigan
Arizona vs Memphis: Pick - Arizona
Texas vs Oakland: Pick - Texas
Cincinnati vs Missouri: Pick - Missouri
UCONN vs Bucknell: Pick - UCONN
Temple vs Penn State: Pick - Temple
San Diego St. vs N. Colorado: Pick - San Diego St.


Kansas vs Boston U.: Pick - Kansas
UNLV vs Illinois: Pick - UNLV
Vanderbilt vs Richmond: Pick - Richmond
Louisville vs Morehead St.: Pick - Louisville
Georgetown vs. USC/VCU: Pick - Georgetown
Purdue vs St. Peter's: Pick - Purdue
Texas A&M vs Florida St.: Pick - Texas A&M
Notre Dame vs. Akron: Pick - Notre Dame


Pittsburgh vs UNC Ash: Pick - Pittsburgh
Butler vs. Old Dominion: Pick - Butler
Kansas St. vs Utah St.: Pick - Utah st.
Wisconsin vs Belmont: Pick - Belmont
St. John's vs Gonzaga: Pick - St. John's
BYU vs Wofford: Pick - BYU
UCLA vs Michigan St.: Pick - UCLA
Florida vs UCSB: Pick - Florida

Round 2: East:

Ohio St. vs Villanova: Pick - Ohio St.
West Virgina vs Kentucky: Pick - Kentucky
Marquette vs Syracuse: Pick - Syracuse
Washington vs UNC: Pick - Washington


Duke vs Michigan: Pick - Duke
Arizona vs Texas: Pick - Texas
Missouri vs UCONN: Pick - UCONN
Temple vs San Diego St.: Pick - San Diego St.


Kansas vs UNLV: Pick - Kansas
Richmond vs Louisville: Pick - Louisville
Georgetown vs Purdue: Pick - Purdue
Texas A&M vs Notre Dame: Pick - Notre Dame


Pittsburgh vs Butler: Pick - Pittsburgh
Utah St. vs Belmont: Pick - Utah St.
St. John's vs BYU: Pick - BYU
UCLA vs Florida: Pick - Florida

Round 3: East:

Ohio St. vs Kentucky: Pick - Ohio State
Syracuse vs Washington: Pick - Syracuse


Duke vs Texas: Pick - Duke
UCONN vs San Diego St.: Pick - San Diego St.


Kansas vs Louisville: Pick - Kansas
Purdue vs Notre Dame: Pick - Notre Dame


Pittsburgh vs Utah St.: Pick - Pittsburgh
BYU vs Florida: Pick - BYU

Round 4:

Ohio St. vs Syracuse: Pick - Ohio state
Duke vs Texas: Pick - Duke
Kansas vs Notre Dame: Pick - Notre Dame
Pittsburgh vs. BYU: Pick BYU

Final Four:

Ohio St. vs Duke: Pick - Ohio St.
Notre Dame vs. BYU: Pick - Notre Dame


Ohio St. vs Notre Dame: Pick - Ohio State

So that's it, that's how I see it all playing out this year.  Chances of this are slim to none, but you never know.  Good luck everyone...unless your in my pool.

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