Monday, March 21, 2011

Philly Sports: Week in review and look ahead

Being a Philly sports guy, my goal is to try and catch every sporting event possible.  The TV is constantly on CSN Philly or ESPN etc...My wife has to claw and fight for the remote sometimes, just so she can watch a show or two.  If you were to ask any sports fan; would you rather watch professional women’s pool or the Real Housewives of Atlanta; the answer would be pool.  Sports seasons never end in the Trunell house; they overlap and new ones take over when the others close out.  Baseball season is fast approaching and soon we will be watching the Phillies almost every night of the week.  The Sixers are making a playoff push and the Flyers have high expectations heading into the NHL playoffs.  The Eagles seem up in the air right now due to the NFL CBA or lack thereof, but the draft will happen in April.  It's a great time for sports all around the Philadelphia area.

This past week the Flyers went 2-1.  They won on Tuesday against Florida, 3-2.  Briere's two goals and one assist were not enough to overcome Atlanta on Thursday, Flyers lost 4-3.  They bounced back in exciting fashion on Saturday with a 3-2 shootout victory over Dallas.  At week’s end the Flyers maintained their number one spot in the Eastern Conference.  Their 44-19-8 record is best in the east and gives them a two point lead over Washington, who the Flyers will play on Tuesday at the Wells Fargo Center.  Also on the schedule this week is Pittsburgh coming into Philly on Thursday and the Flyers hopping a ride on Amtrak to New York to play the Islanders on Saturday.

The Sixers were on a western road trip beginning with an overtime loss in Utah on Monday night.  Lead by Meeks 22 points they rebounded on Wednesday with a 104-94 win over the Clippers.  They then traveled to Sacramento were they came away with a 22 point win over the Kings.  Last stop was in Portland, a loss to the Blazers rounded out the week at 2-2 for the Sixers.  This week the Sixers only have two games on their schedule, but both are highly important.  Atlanta comes to town on Wednesday and with the Sixers trying to catch the Hawks for the fifth seed in the NBA playoffs, a win here would help.  On Friday the Sixers travel to South Beach to take on the resurgent Heat.  This is not only a possible first round playoff match up, but it is also a measuring stick to see if the Sixers can really compete in the east when the playoffs tip off.

Spring training continues down in Clearwater even with the injury bug.  The Phillies came into last Sunday's game against the twins at 10-7; a 6-3 victory was a nice way to start the week.  They continued winning on Monday and Tuesday with victories over Houston 7-6 and Toronto 13-7.  The Blue Jays returned the favor on Thursday beating the Phil's 7-6.  Entering the weekend the Phillies won against Pittsburgh on Friday 3-2 and then posted a win against Baltimore on Saturday 7-5.  After going 5-1 for the week the Phillies record stood at 15-8 before yesterday's 8-1 loss to the Yankees.  On tap this week is Boston today at 1:05 followed by Toronto, Tampa bay, Minnesota, Atlanta and a split squad Saturday against Detroit and Toronto. 

The Eagles players are hopefully staying in football shape on their own after the lockout ensued.  The Nova Care complex is more empty then some abandon buildings in West Philly.  The owners meeting's are this week in New Orleans with some topics up for discussion; Increasing fines for illegal hits, moving the kickoff up to the 35 yard line and bringing a touchback out to the 25.  All of that is fine and well, but they should really be concentrating on getting a new CBA in place so these rule changes can be seen by the fans this season instead of 2012.

This weekend was eventful.  My wife and I discovered what it looks like to see an infant projectile vomit, not just once or twice, but three times.  With the little guy down and out with yet another cold, I was able to get in a lot of quality basketball viewing.  March Madness lived up to its billing this weekend and made me go mad crossing teams off my bracket.  The loss last night by Notre Dame pretty much ended any chance I had at having a decent rebound after a horrible weekend.  There's always next season and baseball will be here to rescue me soon.

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