Tuesday, April 26, 2011

12 Worst Draft Picks of the 12 Year Andy Reid Era.

Andy Reid is a great talent evaluator and a number of the Eagles draft picks have worked out very well under his watch.  For as many that panned out, even more have failed.  Below are the 12 worst draft picks of the 12 year Andy Reid era.

12. Victor Abiamiri, 2nd Round, Pick #57 2007.

Abiamiri was the Eagles second pick in the 2007 draft.  He has so far produced very little and the Eagles have been forced to pursue a better answer at Defensive end.  Abiamiri has totaled 20 tackles and 4 sacks in 3 seasons with the Eagles and his future with the team may be in doubt. 

11. Chris Gocong, 3rd Round, #Pick 71 2006.

Chris Gocong was selected by the Eagles without being fully sure of what position they were going to play him at.  Was he a defensive end or an outside linebacker?  Truth is he was too small to be a defensive end and to slow to be an outside linebacker in a 4-3 system.  Gocong never fit in with what the Eagles were trying to do, and he was traded before the beginning of the 2010 season to Cleveland.

10. Matt McCoy, 2nd Round, Pick #63 2005.

McCoy was drafted as a possible starter at weak side linebacker and never panned out.  He was a decent special team’s player, but you don’t take a guy in the second round to be a career special teamer.  McCoy played three seasons with the Eagles with his best being in 2006 when he started 10 games and totaled 54 tackles, 2 sacks and 3 forced fumbles.   McCoy became a journey man after his stint with the Eagles, he played one season with New Orleans, two with Tampa Bay and he was in Seattle last season.

9.  Ryan Moats, 3rd Round, Pick #77 2005.

Moats was an undersized running back that the Eagles believed would fit their West Coast style of offense.  He only played two seasons with the Eagles and barely saw the field.  He played in 15 games, starting only 1, carrying 77 times for 347 yards and 3 touchdowns. 

8. Matt Ware, 3rd Round, Pick #89 2004.

Matt Ware was supposed to be the nickel corner that solidified the Eagles defensive back field.  He had the size to play the position and had the potential to be a very good cover corner.  Instead he never worked out, he played a total of two seasons with the Eagles and had a combined 27 tackles and 0 interceptions.  He has since played 5 seasons with the Arizona Cardinals, and well that defense could use some help. 

7. Billy McMullen, 3rd round, Pick #95 2003.

McMullen listed at 6-4 and 215 pounds, had the size and potential to be the over the middle, go to wide receiver the Eagles needed.  He never grasped the offense and tended to drop more passes then he caught.  He played three seasons with the Eagles totaling 22 catches for 294 yards and 1 touchdown. 

6.  Quinton Carver, 2nd Round, Pick #55 2001.

The Eagles under Andy Reid have never been very good at selecting linebackers in the early rounds.  Carver is the poster child for the Eagles woes at this position.  He only played two seasons for the Eagles totaling 12 tackles.  In his six year NFL career he had a total of 64 tackles…that’s it.  He has been out of the NFL since 2006.

5.  Barry Gardner, 2nd Round, Pick #35 1999.

After selecting his best pick of his career, Andy Reid’s very next pick was one of his worst.  Barry Gardner fits the mold of high linebacker picks that never panned out for the Eagles.  He played 4 seasons with the Eagles and was never impressive.  His last season in the NFL was in 2006 when he played for the Patriots totaling 0 tackles. 

4. Sean Andrews, 1st Round, Pick #16 2004.

Sean Andrews was a beast coming out of college; he was going to be a starter on the Eagles o-line for years to come.  Andrews actually worked out quite well from 2005 through 2007 starting 47 games and making the pro bowl.  It all went downhill in 2008 and he was released by the Eagles following the 2009 season.  From pro-bowl to cut in two years, the Eagles best offensive lineman was now off the team due to off field mental issues. 

3. Freddie Mitchell, 1st Round, Pick 25 2001.

Fredex was dubbed as the wide receiver the Eagles long coveted, but he never lived up to the hype, most of which came from his own mouth.  He played a total of 4 seasons in the NFL, all for the Eagles and only started 17 games.  For his career he totaled 90 catches for 1,263 yards and 5 touchdowns; that’s what the Eagles expected out of him for a single season, not a career when they drafted him.  Freddie Mitchell was all talk and no production and has been out of the NFL since 2004.

2. Reggie Brown, 2nd Round, Pick #35 2005.

Reggie Brown was supposed to be the answer that Freddie Mitchell wasn’t.  Instead he was almost the same guy, just with less talk.  Reggie Brown had better career numbers then Freddie Mitchell, but I rank him higher on this list because he had more potential there for he had more to lose.  He played 5 seasons with the Eagles, totaling 177 catches for 2,574 yards and 17 touchdowns.  His lack of speed and in ability to pick up Reid’s complicated offense brought Brown’s career as an Eagle to an early end.

1.       Jerome McDougle, 1st Round, Pick #15 2003. 

The Eagles took yet another shot at the defensive end position early in 2003, selecting Jerome McDougle.   McDougle had some promise and I have to admit that I bought his jersey, (waste of money).  Taking a look at who was drafted after McDougle makes matters worse, Pick 16. Troy Polamalu, 24. Dallas Clark, 31. Nnamdi Asomuga all would have looked a lot better in an Eagles uniform.  McDougle played four injury plagued seasons with the Eagles, one missed for being shot in the stomach in Miami.  He totaled 29 tackles and 4 sacks before being cut by the Eagles in 2007.  He is in the running for worst Eagles draft pick of all time.

Andy Reid has hit on a few picks with some great success and missed on just as many if not more with some tremendous flops.  This year’s draft will be another test of Reid’s talent evaluation, let’s hope he gets it right.  

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