Friday, April 15, 2011

Brews & Boos 4/9 - 4/15

Another week down and things couldn’t be better in Philly.  The Flyers and Sixers are in the playoffs and the Phillies are 9-3 to begin the 2011 season.  The Eagles are preparing for a bit normalcy with the NFL draft approaching, looking at all possible options while finishing their draft board and strategy.  While all of this is happening, I had to find our stories for this week’s Brews & Boos:
First and foremost I have to buy a brew for both Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee.  After a game one defeat in the Nationals series this week, Roy Halladay did what he is paid to do.  He came out on Tuesday night and shut down the Nationals cruising into the ninth inning before things got a little dicey.  Charlie Manuel went to the mound and Doc told him “I got this..I got this.”  Charlie made a great decision and left him in the game, six pitches later resulted in two strikeouts and a Phillies 3-2 win.  Cliff Lee followed up Doc’s performance with an even better one.  Lee pitched a complete game shutout, only walking one while striking out twelve on Thursday night in a 4-0 Phillies win.  Get these guys one bourbon, one scotch and one brew.
The Dodgers and Giants kicked off the 2011 season on March 31.  The Dodgers pulled out a 2-1 victory which apparently was not enough for a couple of Dodger fans.  Following the game two Dodger fans attacked a Giants fan in the parking lot.  The Giants fan, Bryan Stow, is a 42 year old father of two and works as a paramedic.  To date he is still in critical condition with possible brain damage.  To make matters even worse the two Dodger fans that attacked Stow fled in a car with a child in the back seat.  The Brews come in for the Giants and Dodgers organizations handling this incident head on.  The Dodgers hired former Los Angeles police Chief William Bratton to assess their security issues.  The Giants and Dodger players and coaches spoke to the fans before Monday night’s game, meeting together on the pitchers mound to address the fans in a unified front.  Bryan Stow’s family set up a fund for support for him and his children and again the Giants and Dodger players stepped up to the plate.  They held a fundraiser together in the parking lot of Dodger Stadium with all proceeds going to the Bryan Stow Fund.  Individual players have contributed as well, most notable Giants ace Tim Lincecum who donated $25,000.00 to the fund.  Five Brews to both the Giants and Dodgers, now let’s hope those two idiots get caught.
In Monday night’s loss by the Sixers to the Orlando Magic, Dwight Howard posterized Sixers guard Jrue Holiday with a dunk.  Dunks happen in every game in the NBA, a lot of players make their living dunking a basketball.  What makes this situation so bad is that Howard took his two points to an egotistical level when he stated that he talked to Jrue as he dunked on him.  He then went through a list of “victims” of his dunks that have now joined him on posters.  It’s one thing to be good and know how good you are, but it goes to a bad place when you celebrate so much for doing your job.  Like a defender in the NFL that makes a tackle 12 yards down field and celebrates, Dwight Howard overly celebrates scoring two points out of 95 in a game.  Stop talking and just do your job, 3 Boos to Dwight Howard.
United States prosecutors spent tens of millions of dollars to investigate and bring into court Barry Bonds.  They dropped charges and focused on five felony counts.  They brought in witnesses such as the Giambi brothers, Jeremy and Jason as well as Bonds former mistress.  All of the witnesses were questionable and in the end the jury was hung on 4 counts and only convicted Bonds on one count of obstruction of justice.  The sentence has yet to be handed out and the maximum is 10 years for Bonds conviction.  Most legal experts predict that Bonds will not serve any jail time at all.  So to sum it up, the government spent millions of dollars to get a conviction of one felony count and Bonds will serve no jail time.  Way to think it through and waste a lot of money because a guy is thought to have injected needles into his rear-end and lied about it.  Aren’t there more important things to spend millions of dollars on?  5 Boos to the blatant wasting of tax payer money by the US government. 
That’s it for this week.  Let’s all hope for more Brews then Boos this upcoming week. 

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