Sunday, April 3, 2011

Philly Sports Week In Review / 3/27 - 4/2

The most exciting part of this week was of course my 33rd birthday.  Oh and baseball season started as well.  This is a great time of year, the Phillies, Fyers and Sixers are all in action.  Not to be outdone, Jason Peters and King Dunlap kept the Eagles in the news by getting to know police officers very well.  I wonder if they can get their mug shots put on invites on Snapfish.  In other news Los Angeles sports fans had a stellar week, there was a brawl at a Lakers game that resulted in five players and one half naked fan being ejected.  Dodgers fans attacked a Giants fan in the parking lot of Dodger Stadium following a 2-1 opening day victory, that fan remains in critical condition at an LA hospital with a fractured skull.  But don't worry Philly fans, are the ones that are "savages".

The Sixers had an up and down week.  They lost to Sacramento on Sunday in overtime, but then bounced back to crush East leading Chicago on Monday.  A win on Wednesday over Houston followed by a win on Friday over the basement dwelling New Jersey Nets clinched a playoff birth.  An overtime loss last night against the Bucks left the Sixers in sixth place behind fifth place Atlanta by 4 1/2 games with 5 to play.  The Sixers play on Tuesday at Boston then come home for four games to finish out the season.  This week they will play New York on Wednesday and Toronto on Friday.  With the playoffs around the corner it looks like the Sixers will remain in the sixth spot and have a first round match up with Boston.  Tuesday's game may be more meaningful then we think.

The Flyers continued their tumble from possible greatness this week.  They lost to Boston on Sunday 2-1 then bounced back with a 5-2 victory on Tuesday against Pittsburgh.  The fan base took a deep sigh of relief only to be jumping off the Ben Franklin following a 1-0 loss to Atlanta on Thursday and 4-2 loss to the Devils on Friday.  Not sure if they play down to their competition, but they better get this figured out or the playoff run will be short lived.  The Fyers can get the bandwagon back together this week with three games on their schedule.  The Rangers will be in Philly today and the Flyers will be in Ottawa on Tuesday and Buffalo on Friday.  Let's hope for a more inspiring week from the orange and black.

The Phillies opened their season with back to back wins over the Houston Astros.  The weather cleared in time for Fridays opener and the 124th straight sellout was treated to a 5-4 ninth inning come from behind win.  The 45,000 plus on Saturday making the sellout streak now 125, watched the return of Cliff Lee to the tune of 7 innings and 11 strikeouts.  The Phillies lineup provided the run support with 9 more runs.  That makes 14 runs in two games for a team the national media claims can't produce runs. Go pound sand national experts!  The Phillies will try and complete the sweep today at 1:35 then will get a 3 game home series against the bankrupt Mets before heading to Atlanta for a weekend set. 

The Eagles made small headlines this week when two offensive linemen were arrested.  Other then that the lockout continues and the only thing to look forward to is the NFL draft.  Let's just hope that Eagles scouts don't criticize any African American quarterbacks, because that would be "blatant racism". 

The Fyers and Sixers are winding down, but both will have post season play.  The Phillies are gearing up for the long baseball season a head and the Eagles will soon be treated to coffee mugs with mug shots on them.  Lets see how the week pans out, hopefully the Sixers continue surprising, the Fyers bounce back and the Phillies keep up with high expectations.   

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