Friday, April 8, 2011

Sports Week: Brews & Boos

This is a new feature for 24-7 Philly Sports.  The Philly Sports week in review will continue every week as well.  This is meant more for the national and local sports news for the week.  The Brews are obviously the good things and I will determine how many Brews the person or story deserves.  The Boos would be the opposite, and there will be a determination of how many Boos will be given.  The scale is 1-5, 5 Brews being the best and 5 Boos being the worst.  Let’s get started:


A 10 year-old boy, Cliff Forest, Jr., from the Pittsburgh area convinced his mother to let him withdrawal $8,500.00 from his college savings fund so he could buy former Chicago Bears defensive lineman William “The Refrigerator” Perry’s Super Bowl ring.  The Bears won super bowl XX following the 1985 season and The Fridge was one of their most popular players.  The Fridge, it is assumed, needed the money and put his ring up for auction in 2007; it sold for $27,500.00.  Cliff saw the ring in Mickey Mantle’s Restaurant in New York and purchased it.  With the help of his mother, Cliff tracked down The Fridge and returned the ring to him.  The Fridge thanked him and gave him two autographed jerseys and five signed cards.  Sports collectors claim that the ring would not have fallen in price from $27,000.00 three years ago to $8,500.00 today, and that the ring is a replica.  Even if it is, this kid did a big hearted thing and will make a great salesman in the future if he can convince his mother to let him do this.  Since he can’t drink beer yet, 3 “root beer” Brews to Cliff Forest, Jr.

Christopher DeFelice is a rower in Philadelphia.  He rows eight miles in the morning and an additional eleven to thirteen in the evening.  Near the end of his morning row on April 7th DeFelice was returning to the Penn Athletic Club, when he heard an accident behind him.  He turned and witnessed a car sliding into the Schuykill River.  Two teens were inside and before the car sank one yelled out the window “We can’t swim!”  DeFelice dove in the cold water and was able to pull one boy out of the car but he realized he couldn't rescue both and he yelled for help.  A nearby bicyclist came to the rescue and dove in the water rescuing the second kid.  The cyclist left the seen and no one knows his name.  Both kids and DeFelice are doing fine; the Toyota Sedan on the other hand is in critical condition.  5 Brews to both Christopher DeFelice and the cyclist for the rescue. 

Honorable Mentions: Phillies offense, Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Roy Oswalt.


Gloria James, the mother of Lebron James was arrested for assaulting a valet in Miami on Thursday.  Gloria has had a history of run-ins with the law; she was arrested on a DUI charge in Ohio in 2006.  Of course because she is the mother of a celebrity the charges were changed to reckless operation, speeding, disorderly conduct and physical control of a motor vehicle under the influence.  Her sentence was suspended and she was forced to complete a drug and alcohol class and pay a fine.  Well it seems that class didn't work; police stated that she smelled of alcohol when they were called to the Fontainebleau Hotel at 4:47 in the morning.  She assaulted the valet because he wasn't moving fast enough while getting Gloria’s car.  A couple of thoughts here: 1. It’s 4:47 in the morning, must have been a long night.  2. She assaulted a valet that was getting her car.  This means that she was going to drive drunk at 4:47am.  Hmmmm….maybe that judge in 2006 should have been a little bit harder on Gloria.  5 Boos to Gloria for being an idiot. 

Matthew Kravchuk should sound familiar.  He is the ex-Holy Family basketball player that filed charges against former Holy Family head basketball coach John O’Conner.  Kravchuk put a major stink when O’Connor had knocked him down in practice during a team drill trying to get his team fired up.  Kravchuk went to authorities and filed charges, O’Connor apologized to Kravchuk on national TV, and Kravchuk refused to accept it.  During yesterday’s Phillies game, and impressive 11-0 win over the "can’t pay my bills" Mets, Kravchuk was arrested for theft.  He reached around a vendor stand and stole two beers, he’s not even 21, he’s 19!  He was caught and arrested and he spent the night in a cell.  NBC Philadelphia is reporting that Kravchuk will face a felony charge for this because of prior offenses.  Maybe O’Conner was right and Kravchuk could have used a swift kick to the rear end.  5 Boos to the kid that got his coach fired and refused to accept an apology but now refuses to apologize to the Phillies.

Honorable Mentions: Middle Tennessee State wide-out Garrett Andrews for suing the NFL.  The United State Congress for their inability to agree on a budget or really do anything meaningful at all.  Dodger fans for causing brain damage to a Giants fan.

Not a bad week all-in-all.  Let’s see what happens this week. 

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