Thursday, June 9, 2011

OSU, NFL, NBA, NHL & The Phillies

There has been a lag in posts recently, I know.  My wife and I recently moved and are still getting settled in and we had a wedding to attend and family visit last weekend.  Now that things have settled down, posts should once again come pretty regularly.  I know all of my six readers have been disappointed, but no need to further fret.  Below is a recap of what I missed in a few short, summarizing paragraphs. 

As a Penn State fan there is some happiness to what has happened with OSU.  I was not surprised to see Terrelle Pryor take the easy way out at and I hope he has fun playing Canadian Football, eh.   Jim Tressel resigning in lieu of getting canned added to Penn State jubilation.  I heard in exchange for resigning Tressel received a new shiny tattoo that reads DUMBASS.  All of this means the Big Ten is now up for grabs and it’s anyone’s conference for the taking, after Nebraska of course, so maybe I should say second place is there for the taking.  

The thing that stands out to me most with college football this off season is that with the NFL on strike, college football has a major opportunity to shine.  Instead, they have taken away a championship from a tainted program at USC and OSU has single handedly become the poster child for what is wrong in college football. 

With the NFL in double secret probation talks that no one is supposed to know about, but they do anyway, things could be looking up for a 2011 season.  Hopefully the millionaires and billionaires can agree on how to take more money from the fans, all 20 that the NFL still has.  Maybe that is a bit harsh, the NFL has a rabid fan base and even though a lot of interest has been lost to date, once things get hammered out the fans will flock back to the best sport in America and all will be right with the world again.

If the NFL gets a deal done soon, news should flow like Niagara Falls.  Out of that news will not be Plaxico Burress signing with the Eagles.  Phillies hat or not, the Eagles have no need for a 34 year old wide receiver with a bum leg.  The best part of Plax’s release from prison, where he was sentenced for being an idiot, was watching Drew Rosenhaus leap into Plax’s arms like he was a long lost lover.  Drew never misses a photo op, he’s the guy in the background of that picture of you and your best friend where you go “who the hell is that?”  It’s Drew Rosenhaus. 

The NBA finals continue this evening at 9:00 PM eastern, which means I again will get to see the first half before the back of my eye lids take over.  It’s a great series with close games, but the late start kills my ability to watch and enjoy.  The NBA should start these games no later then 8:00 PM.  Maybe that’s the issue with LeBron James not showing up in the fourth quarter, he’s an east coast guy and it’s probably past his bed time. 

On the other side there is Fight Club…sorry, I mean the NHL finals.  A great series that is also tied at 2 games a piece but has been overshadowed with school yard brawls involving vicious hits and even biting.  The last time I saw someone bite an opponent was Mike Tyson treating Evander Holyfield’s ear as if it were an Old Country Buffet.  Doesn’t matter who wins this series, what matters is who survives. 

The Phillies continue to struggle offensively and fans in Philly are getting a little restless.  The understated, underachieving lineup is now 17th in baseball in batting.  It’s a long season and there is a lot of baseball left to play.  Phillies fans need to be patient here; the Phils do this every season.  The lineup will come around and when it does the Phillies will be the most dominate team in baseball.  As it stands today with a struggling offense they have a 37-25 record which is the best record in baseball.  We can’t win them all Philly fans, but in the end we will win most of them. 

Now that I’ve caught up with the latest news in the sports world the posts should flow more frequently.  Like politics there is always news in sports, usually just not as many morons.  While Sarah Palin rewrites the history books and Anthony Weiner (Yes the guys last name is Weiner) puts down the sextology, I will get back to sports.

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