Thursday, January 26, 2012

Things to do While Watching the Pro Bowl

Welcome to a wasted weekend.  The NFL Pro Bowl is about as useful as a pack of wet matches.  The NFL pulls this cruel joke on all of it's fans at the end of every season and places a week off between the championship games and the Super Bowl.  It used to be a weekend of nothing, then they had the brilliant idea to move the pro bowl from after the super bowl to before it.  Now it's still a weekend of nothing.

So here I am, an Eagles fan with nothing to watch this weekend and nothing to look forward to the following weekend.  The Patriots still owe the Eagles a ring from "allegedly" cheating in the 2004 super bowl and the Giants, well...they're the Giants.  So as Eagles fans I guess we will have to root for the refs.  Below is a six pack (beer not abs) of things to watch for if your bored enough to watch the pro bowl.

1.  For those of you in college make a drinking game of how many times the announcers mention Peyton Manning and where he will play next season.  For those of you tying to hang onto you college days, you can do the same.

2.  Keep a log of Eli Manning mentions and how he is now an elite quarterback.  Also mentioned might be the question of "Is he better then Peyton....?

3.  Check out the Hawaian ladies, the weather isn't the only thing hot in Hawaii.  (If my wife is reading this, this line is just for the readers, I would never do this)

4.  Get up and actually do the Discount Double Check.

5.  Change the channel.

6.  Every time the announcers mention that Tom Brady was a 6th round draft pick, someone in the room will have to get up and do their best imitation Tom Brady dance moves.

Just relax and try and get through this weekend.  After next weekend there isn't much to do until spring training.  At least the Sixers are looking good and the Flyers are playing well.  The NFL season never ends though and a lot is going to happen in February, March and April.  Good things. 



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