Sunday, January 1, 2012

Wishes for 2012

With my wife passed out from 3 glasses of champagne and my son fast asleep in his crib I'm left to my own thoughts for 2012.  I wish for world peace and a much better year.  I'm beyond sick of this recession and I hope 2012 is the year that we all bounce back.  The past four years have been difficult and I think that that statement is true for the majority of people.  With that said it has also been the most rewarding personally for me.  My marriage has flourished and we have seen the birth of the greatest of God's gift's in my son.  Personally things are good for me and below are my sports wishes / predictions for 2012:

Andy Reid and I discover Weight Watchers and he can finally stops wearing black.  It was cool on Johnny Cash, but it's obvious on Reid that things need to remain "slimming".  But in all honesty I hope that the Eagles finally reach their full potential and the Lombardi trophy is brought to Philly for the first time ever.

I hope that the Sixers continue to grow as a team and achieve the unexpected.  They are a very good young team and I hope Philly jumps on their bandwagon as soon as possible.  I'm all in when it comes to the Sixers much to my loving wife's chagrin.

I wish for the Flyers to reach their expectations.  The Flyers are the Eagles of the NHL.  Constant playoff staples but never reaching the final goal.  Hopefully this team is hungry enough to finish what the teams of the past few years couldn't.  Lord Stanley's Cup would be amazing to drink out of on Broad Street.

Finally and I think most important I wish for the Phillies to get the job done in 2012.  2008 is slowly becoming a distant memory and another world series parade would be well worth the wait.  The Phillies are the first hope among Philly sports fans and when they win the city is like no other place on earth. 

In all honesty sports is just a game but during hard times sports is an outlet for many people.  Some in my family wonder why I love sports so much and especially Philly sports and I try and tell them; when you don't get a bonus or raise or when you fall on hard times, sports is always there.  No matter how bad things get, sports is a constant and I am lucky enough to live in a town that may not have championship teams every year, but at least we have the chance and chances are some of the greatest things in this life.  God bless and I hope for a happy 2012 for all!

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