Friday, June 17, 2011

The Next Title Town: Philly, NY, Chicago, Dallas or San Fran?

There was pole this week on about which city would be the next “Title Town”.  The conversation all began because with Boston’s Stanley Cup win over now burned down Vancouver, the city / region of Boston has won 7 titles in 10 years.  The list of potential cities was: Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Dallas and San Francisco. 

In my opinion to be known as a “Title Town” a city must win a title in each of the four major sports within a decade.  This theory would eliminate San Francisco right off the bat.  The Giants and 49ers are there, but the Golden State Warriors are Oakland’s team, not San Fran’s and there is no hockey team.  Sorry San Fran, win all you want, but without all four major sports teams you can’t be considered.

Cities such as Chicago and New York have of an unfair advantage.  New York has two football teams, two baseball teams, two hockey teams and soon will have two basketball teams.  With eight teams in the city, not being considered title town is a disappointment.  That being said, the Knicks are on their way back and the Jets keep getting closer.  The Islanders and Rangers are a long way off and the Giants are moving in the opposite direction from a title.  New York is not the next “Title Town”, at least not anytime soon. 

Chicago is close to being just as bad as New York with the amount of teams.  They have the Bulls, Blackhawks and Bears and they also have two baseball teams in the Cubs and White Sox.  The Bulls are close and the Blackhawks are always good.  The Bears were a game away or maybe I should say a fux knee injury away from the Super Bowl.  Where Chicago’s down fall is, is baseball.  The Cubs haven’t won anything in almost 400 years now or at least it fells like that long and the White Sox are not much closer.  Chicago could easily win an NBA title and another Stanley Cup in the near future, but a Super Bowl and a World Series title are a long way off. 

Dallas now has a title with the Mavericks and the Rangers were in the World Series last season.  The Stars just missed the playoffs, finishing 9th in the West at 42-29-11.  Where Dallas is going to run into problems is with the Cowboys.  The Cowboys, like the Giants, keep moving in the opposite direction of a title.  An injury to Tony Romo basically ended any hope they had last season and now questions are abound in Big D with a new coach and long drought from their 90’s greatness.  The Mavericks may be a one and done team, but with Mark Cuban as the owner you have to believe that he will spend the money to try and win another one.  The Stars are always in the mix and the Rangers are much improved.  As much as I hate to admit it, Dallas could be a “Title Town” contender. 

As a Philly sports fan, Philadelphia would seem to me to be the next closest contender as a “Title Town”.  The Flyers have great ownership and are a goalie away from winning a Stanley Cup.  The Phillies could win the World Series for the next five years with young talent and great pitching.  The Eagles were 27 yards away from beating the eventual super bowl champs and have a young, talented offense that is scary good when they are on.  If the defense matches the offense, the Eagles are easy favorites in the NFC this year.  The Sixers are the issue as of right now, but they were much improved last season.  They made the playoffs and took it to the Heat in every single game.  With a great coach, young good talent and possible new ownership the Sixers may contend in a year or two. 

If I had to rank these cities this is what it would look like: 1. Philadelphia, 2. Dallas, 3. Chicago, 4. New York and 5. San Fran (Even though they don’t count in my book).  As much as it pains me to say it, congrats to Bean Town, 7 titles in 10 years is wicked hard core!  Enjoy with some Sam Adams and chowder, I can only hope that the championship gods shine down on Philly like they have Boston in my life time. 

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