Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Vancouver Riots (2011), The Red Hot Phils and Andy Reid Talks to The Fans

There are a few things to cover today.  The Phillies are red hot, Andy Reid talked yesterday on taking readers questions and riots broke out in Vancouver following the Canucks game 7 loss to Boston in the Stanley Cup Finals.    

Let’s start with the Canadian Idiots (Green Day’s next album).  I love Canada, took one of the greatest trips in my life there for spring break one year in college.  A group of us went to Niagara Falls, Toronto and Montreal, and from what I remember of it, everyone was nice.  So when I watched a Michael Moore film and he claimed that Canada was one of the safest countries on earth with the friendliest people, I believed him.  Then the Canucks lost last night to the Bruins and things escalated quickly. 

Canadians take their Hockey very seriously, it’s like here in the US where you don’t talk religion and politics at the dinner table, in Canada you don’t talk hockey.  The city of Vancouver erupted in riots and as a result, cars were flipped and set ablaze, windows were smashed, beer bottles thrown (hopefully empty ones, don’t want to waste any Moosehead).  Later in the events, store windows were smashed and some looting began (this was probably from some Americans trying to get some free Cuban cigars.)  In the end, no one was killed but four people were stabbed and a ton of damage had been done.  This was not Vancouver’s first time rioting, fans did the same thing in 1994 after a finals loss.  The scary part is what if they had actually won?!  The entire province of British Columbia could have been burned to the ground.   

On a side note, in reading the comments from an article about the Vancouver riots I came across a great one from flyinhighwithvick: “Hey, as long as they don’t boo Santa Claus, it’s OK”.  Philly fans can’t even live that down in Canada, eh?

On to better news, let me state this, the Phillies are just good right now.  The bats have awakened and the result has been a six game winning streak.  Yesterday was the Phils first double header of the season, they took game one easily 8-1 then closed out the day night sweep with one of the most exciting games of the season in a 5-4 10 inning victory.  Currently the Phils have the best record in baseball at 43-26 and seem to be in complete control of the division. 

Also yesterday Andy Reid took time out of his busy lockout coaching schedule to answer some fan questions on  I expected Big Red to be trying out for Master Chef, but apparently he only likes to consume food.  Andy, usually a dry monotone guy made some funnies in his responses and a few read between the line answers. 

One reader asked if the offense strategy would change, Andy answered with “Not really…offense will remain the same.”  Reading between the lines, the question should have been “You have a great running back in Shady McCoy, are you going to run the ball?”  And the answer should have been “You can run the ball in football?  I didn’t know that, but now that I do…it’s still a no.”

A reader asked about Plaxico Burress and Andy responded with “Plaxico was a great player in all areas of the field before he was incarcerated…”  Translation, the Eagles are not interested in a 34 year old wide out that hasn’t played football in almost two years. 

Andy was asked to prove if he was the real Andy Reid by stating something only he would know.  In classic Andy fashion he answered with “I’m on the eighth hole on my belt”.  OMG LOL!  To read all Q & A check it out on

I have to say it was cool of Andy to put himself out there to the fans and answer some questions.  I wish he and the Eagles would be that accessible more often.  Good news on the NFL lockout, a new deal could be done soon, my prediction is no later then July 11th and I have great sources named Inter and Net.  The Phils have another day game today, starting at 1:05 PM, which is great to pass the time when in the office.  Vancouver seems to be back under control, but you never know with those crazy Canadians, God forbid a peewee league hockey team losses, riots could breakout in a heartbeat. 

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