Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The NFL Frenzy Begins

My wife asked me last night “When’s the last time you posted on your blog?”  This brought to my attention a couple of things, 1. She obviously doesn’t read it that much and 2. I haven’t posted anything in 11 days (slacker).  Not being a full time sports writer in addition to not living in my mom’s basement means that I have to work for a living and occasionally we do have busy stretches.  So in keeping with my promise, I decided to make some time today for a new post. 

With the NFL now in full swing it would seem to be easy to find something to write about.  However, with everything in a whirl wind to follow all of it as it happens is next to impossible. (Thank God for Twitter)  So here is a recap of what we know as of early today.

  1. DeSean Jackson might hold out, might not.  No one is sure until the players report to Lehigh today.  Rumor has it that veterans may have a grace day given how fast everything is happening, so if he isn’t there today it might not automatically mean a “hold-out”.  Jackson was upset about his contract last season and rightfully so; the Eagles have retained his services at a bargain price.  Now out of excuses regarding the labor dispute and economic jargon that they fed Jackson last season, the Eagles should act on this and get him shored up for the next 4-5 years.  Jackson is a game changer and his importance to an offense that must put up a lot of points to win makes him one of the most valuable players on the team. 

  1. As of this morning Kevin Kolb is still an Eagle and his possible suitors are dwindling.  Matt Hasselbeck is now in Tennessee, Tarvais Jackson is now in Seattle and this morning’s rumor mill has the Cardinals now looking at a less expensive Kyle Orton.  If the Cardinals say thanks, but no thanks to the Eagles, that would leave Miami and Minnesota.  Minnesota is said to have agreed to a deal with Washington for Donovan McNabb, but both parties say no deal exists.  If that rumor is true, then the bidding war for Kevin Kolb suddenly turns to one team, the Dolphins.  Miami would then look to pay less of a price for Kolb’s services and at the end of all of this, Kolb might remain as the Eagles backup, we’ll have to wait and see.

  1. The Eagles had 61 players under contract yesterday and signed 9 undrafted rookie free agents.  That brings their total to 70.  With a 90 player target for Lehigh the Eagles will remain very active all day today, lets just hope that their moves are not for another 20 undrafted rookies, but it is the Eagles, the “Gold Standard” of the salary cap.

With camp starting and football season now on its way posts should come more frequently.  That statement should make all three of my readers very happy. 

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