Monday, August 29, 2011

Vick = $100 Million Dollars

The Eagles shored up the services of Michael Vick with a 6 year deal worth $100 million dollars, $40 million of which is guaranteed.  The question now becomes, is he worth the dough?  Vick had a phenomenal season last year, the best of his career, but does that make him worth $40 million guaranteed?  I say yes.  I have made all of the arguments against Vick.  He's an athlete not a quarterback...He can't stay healthy...etc... The thing is that there is no other player in the NFL that can single handily effect the outcome of a game like Michael Vick can.

Now entering his third season as an Eagle, not Vick's first choice when re-entering the league.  He has claimed that he thought Cincinnati and Buffalo were better fits for starting right away.  Like any competitor he didn't want to be a backup, let alone third string.  But as he has stated, the NFL advised him that going to he Eagles would be his best option in the long run.  Makes me wonder if Rodger Goodell got a commission from Vick's new deal.  Having the crystal ball of the past it's now obvious that who ever talked Michael Vick into signing with the Eagles has turned out to be a genius. 

This off season The Eagles traded Kevin Kolb to the Arizona Cardinals.  The Cards in turn gave their new quarterback a $60 million dollar deal.  After 7 starts in the NFL Kolb was worth $60 million dollars.  When you look at the numbers the additional money the Eagles would give Vick if he plays the entire life of the contract would seem to be worth every penny. 

Michael Vick is arguably a top five NFL quarterback by the numbers.  He deserves to be paid like it and now he will be.  Vick has paid his debt for his actions in the past and it is now time to move forward.  He has been given the gift of being able to work with a great coaching staff and organization, but to succeed in the NFL at the quarterback position it is solely up to the individual player to put in the most work.  Vick has put in the time and effort to get himself back into a position to earn another $100 million dollar contract.  Last time it was more about him being an athlete and marketable in Atlanta.  This time it is about him being a quarterback and winning football games.  

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