Sunday, January 15, 2012

Blame the Broncos Coaching Staff Not Tebow for Loss

The season of Tebow came crashing down on Saturday in Foxboro where Tom Brady and the Patriots were the brick wall that the Broncos slammed into.  Watching the game was like watching the Patriots take on a high school football team.  The problem is that most high school teams would have been better prepared for the Patriots then the Broncos were last night.

It became very apparent early on in the game that the Patriots were better prepared for what the Broncos were going to do then the Broncos were prepared for them.  John Fox had the Broncos come out on defense in a Zone.  Anyone that knows football and how good Tom Brady is, knows that if you play zone you better get pressure on Brady or he will pick you apart.  The Broncos got no pressure and soon enough the game got out of hand.

On offense Fox and the Broncos stuck to their game plan and continued to run the option.  The Patriots were very well prepared and the Broncos offense couldn't do anything.  New England put 7-8 guys in the box on every play and the Broncos offensive line was just over matched all night.  Suddenly with the ease of deciphering the Broncos offense, the Patriots defense looked like Pittsburgh's Steel Curtain of the 70's.  

What killed the Broncos was not Tim Tebow, it came down to the offensive and defensive schemes for both teams and when nothing was working for the Broncos they refused to make adjustments and let the game get out of hand.  When the Broncos couldn't move the ball on offense it gave New England great field position.  Give Tom Brady a fifty yard field against a team getting no pressure and playing a zone and he will make it look easy.  The lack of offense put the defense in a horrible position, but the lack of adjustments cost  the Broncos any chance of making it a game last night. 

The Broncos and Tim Tebow had a surprising and at times inspiring season.  Tebow has earned the right to remain the starting quarterback of the Broncos and should only benefit from a full off-season with the coaching staff and players.  He has a lot to work on and I expect the Broncos to go back to a more traditional offense next season with some option mixed in.  Broncos fans should look to their head coach for blame for last nights loss and not make Tebow the scape goat.  John Fox and the Denver staff were out coached and looked like a deer in the Patriots headlights. 

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